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Graphic & wEB Design

Books & Publishing

Illustration of various subjects & styles including educational, children’s, medical, realistic, whimsical and much more.

Develop Interactive Websites and Multimedia, especially geared at

Children & Education.

Taking writers from manuscript to design, print, production, promotion and more.




Social Media

Assist Small Businesses in brand identity, design, production, promotion and more.

Develop & Implement

Bootstrap Marketing

Strategies  &  Campaigns  for Clients, specifically Authors

Master & Implement the best social media platforms and productivity tools available so we can determine what suits your goals best!

We can't do it all but we work with our contacts in various industries to get you and your product to the level where you want to be.

How We Work

We listen, research and collaborate to create the best product for you.

Clear communication and patience during the early stages of the design

process are essential in getting your project from rough sketches to finalized design. There may be kinks in the road in the beginning but that's the discovery process for you, and so  we learn from those mistakes so that we can learn from one another and move forward to create stellar designs & final solutions.

Plan &


Design &



Print &



& Grow




Graphic Design

Book Design


Web Design




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Traditional Illustration:

Oil Painting, Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Watercolor & Ink


Digital Illustration:

Vector Illustration and

Digital Oil Painting.


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Muse  (Web Design)


Social Media:






 Like most artists, I'm a creative chameleon, exploring all the wonderful aspects of the arts. However, I'm also a serious business woman; I started my own catering company at 15 and went on to manage several restaurants.


Two and a half years ago, I decided to make my side passion of illustration, my labor of love (aka job). I've illustrated nine books (seven children's) and have a few more in production that will be published by the end of the year.  I come from an incredibly large, multicultural family, which continues to inspire my art and storytelling. I aspire to illustrate many more books that educate children and their parents about the diverse world around them, and how they can make it better everyday in everything they do.


 In addition to illustration, I have helped many business go from vision to production. I've worked specifically with the fashion and beauty industry in this area creating both fashion illustrations and packaging and technical packs for manufacturers.  I've expanded my knowledge by working in the tech and medical field as well as an anatomical and technical illustrator with some animation, as well.


I am Rayah Jaymes, Illustrator & Designer.


I provide quality artworks, book, web and graphic designs for the authors, educators, growing businesses and start ups.


On this website you will find works  representative of my diverse illustration style, marketing services and all around multifaceted level of support.


I offer:

Illustration Services

Book Design & Publication Services

Graphic & Web Design Services

 Marketing Services for Authors & Start ups

Social Media Marketing & in the near future social media management.



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